Nothing like riding a bicycle

Painting minis. Once a huge passion, and a way of paying the rent when I worked at GW. In the intervening decade or so, I’ve rarely picked up a brush. Got into Warmachine early on and took a Cygnar force to tournament level, but apart from that, I’ve just watched from a distance. 

Just occasionally I get the urge to start over, and this time the bug has bitten hard. I’m astonished how far the minis hobby has come! The choice is staggering. 3D printing tech, and CAD availability has democratised the industry. And of course the internet has made sharing and learning trivially easy. 

But none of that helps me get over the fact that my skills have rusted over badly! My eyes aren’t what they were and I simply can’t see what I used to, even with specs. Brushes feel awkward. My wallet winces at having to pay civilian prices for plastic and metal. Warhammer is dead. Seriously, I’ve become one of those old bodgers who wonders where his hobby went while he wasn’t looking!

But, there’s good things to be found. My new beau is Guild Ball from Streamforged

I never had much love for Bloodbowl. I was a bit po-faced about it. Still am. But Guild Ball is more in line with my preferences. Half a dozen models (and they’re lovely!), a flat green pitch, and a free to download rules set. Sorted!

(It helps that one of the head honchos at Steamforged is in my weekly RPG group)

I’m now elbow deep in Fishermans Guild kit, and shaky YouTube tutorials. 

It’s great. I love it. I have an otter. 

I think I’ll put pics up as I go. It will be interesting to log my progress. 

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