Skin in the Game

White undercoat. That’s not something I’ve used in a very long time. We always went with black at GW. It’s forgiving, and quick. Trouble is, my eyes can’t pick out the detail on black so well these days. Plus, I watched a cool video here from GW  where the painter worked up a cool skin effect on white. So I went for it. 

So far so good! The paint is behaving itself well, and by thinning it out a bit it’s diving for the edges on its own. Two thin coats works best, and I’m only doing a few models so it doesn’t take long. 

It’s kind of like colouring in, which is big business these days! I’ve gotten back into the swing reasonably well so it’s moved from frustrating to relaxing

Another first for me, sanding the base before priming. I’m using the PVA mix to help secure the metal mini in the base along with the superglue. Speaking of which, my local Hobbycraft is getting my cash, because it’s five times cheaper than GW. Not even sorry. 

Next up: colours!

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