I remain…

bazblogBarry Philip Stevens, husband to Claire, father to Beth, Danny and Emma, gamer at large, like to believe I’m in charge.

There’s a great deal of gaming content here, but you’ll find some real life, fiction and other items of note within.Wife and kids

I live for comment, why not leave yours?

You are welcome to contact me at barrystevens267ATgmailDOTcom


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4 responses to “I remain…

  1. Hello,

    Wanted to let you know that i recently re-started my Scales of War campaign and happened upon your review thread at RPG.net. Very helpful, thank you!

    Did you ever review the paragon and epic tiers? If so, where might i find those reviews?

    -Steven E Quillen.

    • Hi Steven,

      I never did get round to reviewing those tiers. However, in my weekly game we’ve now managed to play through to 18th level so I do now feel qualified to review paragon adventures. With that in mind I may well be returning to the Scales series in the coming weeks.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. George

    I have a good friend, same name as you, barry philip stevens, and I gotta tell ya, except for that he is older, you look like him.

  3. Col

    How are you doing buddy, fancy getting together soon

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