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A night on the tiles

I tried something a bit different in last nights game. I let the players decide what the battle area looked like.

Some time ago I realised that I was never going to be able to make the tiles I have line up exactly with the maps in the WotC modules. In fact, that’s an impossible task when you want to replicate things like this:


So instead, I’ve been going with an approximation, hell, the players are never going to know are they? (well, they do now). We also have Mark in our group and he’s the party mapper. We have to constantly play the old chinese whispers game with each other:

“30 feet north to south, with a door”

“Near the top?”

“No, just below centre”


“Its a double door”


So I thought why not kill two birds with one slingshot, and give the players something to focus on during that dead time where I’m normally rooting about for maps and minis between encounters. So I handed the dry wipe pens to Mark and set about going old school with my descriptions while he drew out what he thought it looked like. Do you know what? he wasn’t far off, and actually it didn’t matter if he was. I then placed the minis and off we went.

Later we had a cave encounter. These are even more awkward to lay out with tiles than square rooms are. So I handed my collection of Caves of Carnage tiles to Mark and told him what I wanted. A big cave, with at least 8 squares space in the middle, an entrance and an exit. Mark got busy while I did my notes and in 1 minute we had a nice layout that I could improvise a description over.  He’d added a water tile that wasn’t in my book, no problem, it added in a bit of flavour that wasn’t going to harm anyone (in fact I blended in a healing fountain from the next room).

The experiment worked, and I’ll do it again where possible.


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Nyarlathotep is dead, long live Nyarlathotep!

The online Masks game is now officially dead. Boo. Oh come on, it took a month to see the characters done! Cheers to those who had a go though.

The tabletop Masks game is now officially live! Hurrah!

Two points of interest: the player pool is Julio, Stivi, Marky Boy, Steps, Dan, Ali and Tracey. That’s right: girls. All are welcome and I can’t wait to see what the fresh perspectives will bring.

Second: we are using Trail of Cthulhu as a rules set. Loads of good theory as to why it should work, we’ll see how it goes. Chargen has already thrown up some interesting stories. So far, so good.

Players reactions so far have been very positive. Dan has got the gaming horn, Stepsy said I was “masterful” (love ya honey). Ali wanted to know what happens next, and that’s a good sign!


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