War Stories

Here’s the new page devoted to resources for the design of my game Commando.  It’s got the dnd 4e system at its core, but stripped back to 10 levels. Characters are simple at the beginning, with customisation through military specialisation.

Edit: all change!

The games structure is pretty much nailed down now. It owes more to B/X D&D, with more than a nod to Owl Hoot Trail nowadays.

I’m going to upload the skeleton of the rules soon. These are just the mechanics, there’s no flavour, art or formatting. Very basic, early days stuff.

I’m hoping the following is still true though….

There are also robust rules for non-combat, that put some mechanics into demolitions, insubordination, leadership, courage and camaraderie.

The setting is our own world, during the second world war. The players take the role of commandos charged with vital missions behind enemy lines in various theatres of war. The  inspirations are comic, book and cinema treatments of daring military exploits.

2 responses to “War Stories

  1. sgtnasty

    I would like to see this game.

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