My new fantasy RPG

I’m making my own RPG. Not the first I’ve done, but this one is specifically for me. The idea came from pulling together a few threads that I usually pull at one at a time with my hobby, but I want to weave them together to make a cool gaming 50′ rope. (And hopefully I’ll use better metaphors in my book too)

My current Blueprint looks like this:

Old school vibe

My all time fave book is the Moldvay red book for Basic D&D. It’s not exactly my favorite game, but the format and the clarity are hard to beat even thirty years on. Even adding in the Cook/Marsh Expert book only brings the entire game to 128 pages. Compare and contrast with my favorite iteration of new OSR, which is Dungeon Crawl Classics. Love that game, love that book, but it’s literally unwieldy. 

Rules wise I’m looking for rules that support dungeoneering, class and level, combat and exploration shenanigans. Quick to create, full of content. 

Modern game tech

But all this with up to date mechanics. It won’t be a finely balanced core system or anything so sterile, but it will smooth off some of the original splinters in the game. Stuff like alignment, encumbrance, Vancian Magic. 

Pick up and play

It hit me quite recently that although I have an extensive RPG library, I couldn’t run or play any (most) of it with just a couple of hours notice. I’d either need to do characters, or prep an adventure, or even just reread the rules.  I miss rolling up a character, and want to include rolling up an adventure into my game. It’s not so much about being Basic, it’s more about speed to play. 

Hack and Slash

I’m getting all this by judiciously cut and pasting from my favorite SRDs. Expect a chassis based on 13th Ages Archmage engine, a smear of DCC attitude and extras, and a gloss of Labyrinth Lord on top. D&D 5e will be providing consultation. There won’t be loads of innovation to be honest, just my versions of other people’s rules that I’ve hammered into a personalized shape over the years. 
Name? Too early to say. Working title? BazRPG. Sounds cool when you say it out loud. 

I’ll post up my design diary stuff here as I go. 


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  1. I can’t wait to see how this progresses.

    If it grows into something you Kickstart, I would support it.

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