Blowing Hot with a Cold

Stuff has been swirling around quite nicely in recent weeks. Loads of ideas for stuff which I’ve been carefully jotting onto Google Docs before one day getting it redrafted and laid out properly. A few ideas about house rules, a scenario or two, some gaming satire, a table or two. All this for a proper old school fanzine I’m knocking up. I even have a name for it now… Deadtreehouse. It’s miles off yet, but it’s filling out.

Then I got a nasty cold. It came with it’s very own set of vicious headaches that made my brain utterly unable to do anything creative for a week. Just when I was getting a head of steam built up too. Seems you have to get this stuff down while you can.

So today, the first day in ages I haven’t been groaning into a packet of pain killers, I thought about:

  • A messenger riding a tiny t-rex
  • A meeting of heroes on a moonlit roof
  • A quest given from one PC to the others
  • An idea about being severely indebted
  • An upside down temple
  • Seeking entry to a notoriously intimidating adventurer bar
  • A monster prison in a lawful land
  • Dilemmas

Tomorrow I might have some more.

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