Squeezing the juice

How much of your game book are you actually getting use out of? I was thinking about some of the games I love and realised that I’ve little to no chance of ever seeing all of it in play. Take D&D frex. Even with 5e there are so many races, classes, spells, abilities, items that I’m only going to see, what, 5% of in play? And that’s without getting into adventures and campaigns let alone new settings. 

D&D is king of content so perhaps not a fair example. 

Ok then, Apocalypse World. I love every playbook and want to play in every possible apocalypse. That’s years of play! Not complaining as such, just wondering about how thinly I usually spread myself among my games. 

Being honest, I think I tend to skim the cream off of most games I have. Every intent of drinking the whole glass, but other things tempt me, and I just… don’t. 

Thing is, I’d like to really master a game. Not just be ‘good’ at it, but rather, have a deep and broad experience of it. Exploring all its nooks and crannies. Knowing it inside and out. I’m close to that level of mastery (for want of a much better word) with a handful of systems  

If a new game pops up that I’m interested in, I’m now thinking, how much will I see?

Is it just me?


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