Retainers released into the wild

I’ve written a mini story game. It’s called Retainers and its up on Drivethru right now. 

In this game you play the hirelings that go along on fantasy adventures, and the exploits they talk about when in each other’s company. It’s for two or more players who have a knowledge of the tropes of fantasy roleplaying games. No GM necessary.

The party leaders are the Adventurers, those who have money, fame and levels. As mere hirelings the Retainers will have at best a stipend, an overloaded pack, a 10’ pole and a short life expectancy.
You are a vital part of the adventuring economy though. You support the new adventuring party through those tricky first dungeons. You are the labourers, the carriers and the muscle that turns the wheels of commerce in the cities. In the wilderness you are the guides, the healers and the rumour mongers.
You carry, guard, leap, climb, test, taste, and poke. But you never advise. And you rarely get the glory.


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