Hunter and Hunted

RPG session for two players and one GM? Further thoughts.  How about having one PC as a notorious criminal and another as a dogged bounty hunter? Sounds like a candidate for a card game, but I’d like to play it with RPG tools if possible. I think playing it ‘open’ would be fine, perhaps even desirable (as opposed to taking actions in secret). Taking a leaf out of Gumshoes book, the pursuer never really loses the clues, it’s how they deal with them that matters. I’m thinking give the Quarry first action, and perhaps ten minutes of air time to get going. Then alternate back and forth nice and snappily so no one gets left out. GM plays all the NPCs as usual. Basically, use your favourite chase rules, but stretch them right out and put the players on both sides.

The whole thing ends up in a massive combat, one on one. I think that could be quite satisfying actually. 


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