All your dungeons are belong to me

I possess the following editions or versions or descendants of D&D. Forgive me.

D&D Moldvay/Cook

D&D Mentzer


D&D 3rd

D&D 3.5

D&D 4th

D&D 5th


Dungeon Crawl Classics

13th Age

Dungeon World

World of Dungeons

Old School Hack

Red Box Hack

Beyond the Wall

Lamentations of the Flame Princess


Labyrinth Lord


Adventurer Conqueror King



Heroes Against Darkness

Swords & Wizardry

Monsters & Magic

And that’s not getting into the realms of things like Earthdawn, or Runequest, or Dragon Warriors, or Warhammer….

When is enough enough?!



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2 responses to “All your dungeons are belong to me

  1. doctormitch

    No Ad&D 2e? Shame on you!

    Seriously, though, the amount of reinvention of the wheel is a bit silly, especially when there are so many open variants. Sure, some of them are different enough to count, but all of them? I can’t see it.

    (I may or may not have written my own personal take on OSR games, so there’s a whiff of hypocrisy with my comment.)

  2. I got rid of Pathfinder but I do have the following:

    BECMI (UK edition)
    AD&D 1st Edition
    AD&D 2nd Edition
    D&D 3.5
    D&D 5th Edition
    Basic Fantasy

    That’s it for my D&D/OSR collection. Very poor in comparison 😉

    I’ve found, thus far, that 5th Edition is scratching the itch for me (and we’ve played all bar BECMI and AD&D 1st Edition in the last couple of years).

    I do prefer 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms to anything published for it recently though 🙂

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