Drowning in Awesome

First world problem: I have too many games. I moved to PDF purchases a couple of years back, just to give me some space back in my house. But as least buying physical books slowed me down a little bit! Browsing DriveThru is too easy, and I’ve been picking up so much stuff recently that I’m struggling to even remember what I’ve got!

So today I’ve just looked through my Goodreader library, and my ‘holding’ shelf where I put recent stuff to see what’s in the to-do pile right now. Let’s see if I can make some sense of it.

Recently acquired (and chances of actually doing something with it, out of 5)

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Box. This was half paid for by a GMing voucher, and half paid for by actual potential of getting table time. It’s the Hordes RPG, but with maps and minis. Interesting hybrid. 4.

Whitehack. From eBay, on a whim. An OSR set of Basic house rules. It’s all in the presentation, and this one is a delight to hold and read. 3.

Durance. Story game about prisoners. Snagged from raffle at Seven Hills Con. Possibly use this to game in the Nights Dawn setting by Peter F Hamilton, on the planet Lalonde with Ivets? 1.

Eyes of the Stone Thief. Ludicrous sized (and priced, by my personal standards) mega dungeon for 13th Age. Presses all my buttons. But it’s so big. 3 1/2.

World War Cthulhu, and supplements. Won as a prize. Having been stung by Achtung Cthulhu, was glad to get this. It’s probably why I abandoned my WW2 game. 2.

The Chained Coffin. Adventure box and setting for DCC. Again, a raffle prize. To be racked up with the other DCC materials I haven’t read! 2.

Blades in the Dark. Backed on KS, so just a QuickStart for now. Fantasy heists are definitely my jam. 4.

Eternal Lies. Big fat Trail of Cthulhu campaign. A good read. 1.

X Wing minis. Awesome dogfighting game. Gets a lot of love from my group. 5.

Netrunner. Living Card Game, and Dan plays it with me. 4.

Seems I’ve had a lot of luck with freebies recently! And then there’s the list of things that I want to explore, with the possibility of getting them played:

Age of Rebellion. My group likes all things Star Wars, and this is new and pretty.

The Last Parsec. I’m still looking for my perfect Sci Fi game. This looks close.

Dying Earth. I’ve got loads utterly unread on PDF. Looks like a hard sell on my mates.

Atomic Highway. Good old fashioned post apocalyptic fun with no big agendas.

They all want to push their way to the front of the queue, and might well succeed. But also, at the very back of the queue are a bunch of games that I’ve had, and played, for ages and are asking for another chance.

13th Age. Perhaps the ‘just right’ D&D variant for me and mine.

DCC RPG. Or maybe it’s this one.

Torchbearer. Or this one.

4e. I know it’s really this one, but who wants to go backwards?

Edge of Empire. We played the Beginners Box, and loved it, so….

ICONS or Venture City for Fate flavoured supers. Well, I’d like it.

Shadowrun. Played the heck out of this in the 2e days. Now it’s on steroids! If I pitch it, they will come.

At this point I have no idea what we will end up getting into in our weekly game, or what I will mess around with in my own time (they could well be different). I’ll let you know when I find out! What would you plump for?



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4 responses to “Drowning in Awesome

  1. MrNewt

    Its an embrassment of riches isn’t it 🙂

    I’ve got a similiar list (with some of the same shiny books on it, Shadowrun being the super shiny). 13th Age is definitely getting a good run through, if only as a prequel to running 13th Age Glorantha with it (after the no-sign up for my HQ game at 7 Hills, I realise I’m done with HQ).

  2. Richard

    You’ll have to plump yourself, mate. I’ve got my own pile of stuff, some of it also on yours, to delve into.

    I’ve also had a ridiculous idea in response to a request for some fantasy on G+; run War Of The Burning Torch using 5e. You know, an entire campaign from 1st-17th level to get a feel of 5e. And, put it to bed afterwards obviously.

  3. Graham

    That’s a great list!

    I loved 13th Age too, it might be my D&D. Dying Earth is a hard sell but a very good game. Underplayed I think.

    Interesting that World War Cthulhu did it for you, so much so that you’ve stopped development of your own game. I’ve been looking for s WW2 RPG recently. I gather Achtung Cthulhu didn’t work out for you? Dithering over Weird War Two just now.

    • Richard

      WWC provides a very Cthulhu view of WW2 with a strong emphasis away from the combat; it can handle combat but the focus is elsewhere, especially as the book is written with 6e in mind. I wouldn’t consider it a war game in truth.

      Weird Wars is probably a better bet for a more “commando” style game with Achtung! tending to the pulpier end of war and Cthulhu. I’ve tun a couple of Weird Wars games and they definitely fell into the gunfire category very easily.

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