Firing up my recommendation engine

This podcast has more interesting facts per square inch than its possible to count. And it’s funny too. It’s called No Such Thing As A Fish.

It’s brought to us by the once behind the scenes guys at QI. You get all the cool interesting stuff sans Fry, the scoring, the props, Davies, and the sat down stand ups. Which leaves nothing but pure cool.

It’s like Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, but possibly even more applicable to gaming (in a round about kind of way, honestly). In fact, I’d love to hear Messrs Laws and Hite opinions on it. Either it’s all bunkum, or it’s sixteen new scenario ideas in 30 minutes.


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One response to “Firing up my recommendation engine

  1. Enjoying it, thank you.

    The Smartest Man in the World by Greg Proops is interesting, but very different. He’s an improv comedian and seems to have a photographic memory and rambles on while constantly making references to pop culture, history, politics etc.

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