Going Mad for a Spell

In the ever growing lists of things that can go and do one, I add spells for pre gen characters in D&D. I’ve spent blooming hours putting 15 characters onto form fillable pdfs for an upcoming con, and I left the pigging druid til last. Why? Because they get to prepare from the whole list of available spells. Which means I have the following options as a friendly DM for the empty handed but eager player:

Hand them the Players Handbook. Good luck with that, the spells are all arranged alphabetically.

Give them a cheat sheet, that I’ll have to type by hand.

Scan all the relevant bits out of the PHB and construct a mini spellbook.

Stump up for the card deck on sale from Gale Force 9

Scrap the druid, and write it up as a nature cleric instead, meaning I can copy/paste from the Basic pdf.

Any way I look at it, it’s work. My fault for doing Druids at levels 3, 7 and 11. I have Sorcerers and Rangers too, but heir lists are much more manageable..


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  1. I’m working on a, personal use only, database that I can run on my phone/tablet for spells. I’m using the spells from the free PDF of the rules to begin with (as a proof of concept) but it’s looking good so far 🙂

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