Setting out a new stall for 2015

I’m full of good intentions, though mindful that real life has a tendency to get in the way of those. There are a few things I’d like to achieve for the coming year, so I’ll set them down now so I can at least get them out of my head and onto a screen.

D&D. Always my fallback position, but I’d like to get something going with 5e this year. I’m very tempted to stick to the three core books and cook up a homebrew campaign. I realise that’s the default set up for many, but I’ve always been attracted to published stuff in the past. Doing my own thing will scratch a creative itch, and save me a few quid too.

For that to really work I’ll need to get the gaming gang back together in earnest. We’ve become too distracted by other one shots in recent months to get a regular game in, but with 5e in particular, I think we could pull a campaign together.

Playing. G+ seems to be the place to try things out as a player.min recent times I’ve had a go at Delta Green and Numenera. I think I’d like to do more, as its low on investment and high on output. I can’t shake the feeling that it might be exactly the right format for something Gumshoe, and I’m glancing at Eternal Lies for Trail as I type.

One shots. I’m already signed up for the Seven Hills Con in April, and that will be here before I know it. The theme this year is ‘Steel’ and I’m tentatively thinking of a Red Steel game to run. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get some Club action in, or possibly some pub meets, and they’ll provide the impetus for some scenario writing too.

Speaking of writing, I still have a few columns for UK Roleplayers in my mental pipeline. These are always well received, and I love having them done and up on the site. By their very nature they’re about nostalgia and reminiscence, but I think I can broaden the scope a little to more current projects.

Where I might do less is posting on fora. RPGnet has stopped being a must read for me for a while now. I think the posters on there are (like policemen) getting younger, and I don’t follow the same styles and ideals as they do. Even UKRP, which I’m a huge fan of, is sometimes a bit of a one way street. I put quality time into posting, and I think it might be more fruitfully spent being creative on actual gaming content. Dunno.

Reviews. I’m blessed in that people are sending me more and more stuff for review (I’ve got about five products in the pile right now) It’s a dilemma at times though. If it’s something I’m not massively interested by (or impressed by) then I don’t want to post negative comments just out of a sense of completeness. I’d rather say nothing. On the other hand, when it’s good stuff, then I like to think I can put together a good case for it, and my reviews are always the most visited part of the blog. Either way, they can be a real time sink. So, you tell me, reviews, or not reviews?

Art. If painting minis counts (and I think it does) then I’ll get some of that done. My Island of Blood set is coming along, and if I get free time, I’ll set about it again. Actual drawing though? I’d like to do more, and illustrating scenarios is the most likely spur to that.

Publishing. I’ve messed around with some zine stuff recently, and really enjoyed that. Perhaps I’ll dig around in the archives and polish up some stuff for printing. Treehouse Annual? A scenario compilation?

So loads of possibilities, and posting this is step one. Work and family demands are always pressing, but gaming is my passion, and that’s where I’d like to get more done. So I will.



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4 responses to “Setting out a new stall for 2015

  1. I’m thinking about “publishing” my Hellfrost “One Shots” when they’re done. In fact, in using that as an incentive to actually write them.

    I’m not as proficient at writing as you (and certainly not as much as willpower to actually she down and write) but I’m aiming to set aside some time each weekend to put fingers to keyboard. Time will tell if it works out 🙂

    • You should do it Dave! Honestly, I reckon your stuff is better than you think. Knock it out, publish it, and be feted.
      I do a lot of running. Long distance stuff. If I have a race planned, I do more. If I don’t, I do less. Same with writing, it’s good to have goals. Just so long as you enjoy the process. It’s not work after all.
      I want to read those Hellfrost scenarios. Give em to me!

  2. richgreen01

    Great list for the new year. I think that unless you writing reviews, maybe just focus on the games you enjoyed most or are most interesing to write about.

    And Dave – you should definitely try and get your writing out there 😉

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