Painting up Island of Blood

It’s been absolutely ages since I got stuck into a serious painting sesh. Day off today, and an assembled bunch of Clanrats, so let’s go!

I’ve decided to not try to win any prizes with these. I will make more effort with front ranks, and characters, but these are very much back rankers. It’s not always easy, sometimes I really want to correct a small mistake, or paint a tongue or eye, but it would be wasted effort.



Here they are after some base coating. Start with a decent spray of black undercoat. Then I drybrushed Bestial Brown all over each model. Wet brushing really, as I want to use the brown for so many things on the model. I use a pretty large brush for this. It’s a flat half inch one. Seriously, I always go a size bigger than I think I need to. It really speeds things up.

Then another layer of dry rushing, this one English Uniform from Vallejo. Any lighter brown would do, or mix it up if you want differentiation. I decided to get the clothing to do the work of making them all look individual. I selected a darkish red, a camo green, a khaki, another brown variant and black. I picked up a few models at random and did all of those in my chosen colour.



Tea break.

Then another wet brush of Chainmail on all the metal bits. Easy. Still not trying to be careful here. The tails were done in dwarf flesh, and while that was wet I mixed a bit of that into the English Uniform I’d previously used and whipped the brush across the rat faces and knuckles, just as a quick highlight. Bone for teeth and shield symbols. All base coated.

Then, a dark brown ink wash all over. You could use the Army Painter dip, but GW Devlan Mud works for me.

And that’s it. About six hours total including assembly. Just two command groups and some movement trays to do and I have two regiments done.



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