2014 in review. Early.

It’s been a bit of a patchy old year. My twenty year running weekly games night has really suffered from real life, with families, jobs and holidays taking precedence over pretend elf games all too often. Did get a few sessions in with Ragr which is always a result, but his gaming life has been as all over the place as mine. One new face joined our group though, the redoubtable Mat. Turns out he’s produced some AAA video games in the past and is even now finishing up a Kickstarter call Guild Ball (which made a big bunch of cash). On the side he’s a roleplayer, but no slouch either. He has been an invigorating presence.

Games wise, we’ve started loads of things this year, but regrettably haven’t finished many of them. D&D Next got a bit of a work out when it was still in playtest. I had to keep updating our Serpents Skull campaign with each new packet, which ultimately got a little tiresome. Eventually after a bit of a pitching session, we decided to swap adventures and systems, going with 13th Age and Curse of the Crimson Throne. Some excellent sessions ensued, thought the ever rotating players and the stop/start nature eventually put that to bed about halfway through part one of six. Shame.

Instead, our stand by filler game of Pathfinder Cards became our primary game by chance. We played all of the Rise of the Runelords campaign, and we are now well underway with Skulls & Shackles. It’s a great co-op deck building game, full of narrative, zero prep and runs at two scenarios a night. Being honest, we would never have played through the tabletop APs, so this is a more than decent way to get the highlights in a fun way.

Along the way we stuttered through a Fate version of the new Secrets of the Ancients scenarios for Traveller (highly reskinned). Fate was a big learning curve for all of us, and we actually fell off it a couple of times. I’m still a fan, but it won’t get any table time with my group in the future. Not their bag.

Over G+ I tried out a few things. Least successful was a single Mindjammer session which went ‘fring!’ Like a dying lightbulb for reasons unknown to me. I ran about half a dozen sessions of 5e which I loved, and made some great new gaming friends with. Have just started some new Delta Green with Gaz of this parish. Early days, but promising.

What else? Lots of writing in the early part of the year with the bulk of a WW2 game written (now stalled) as well as a few columns and a big old piece called Conventional Wisdom (available around here somewhere…) which were really well received. Took a writing break in the summer while other things took priority in real life. Coming back to it now with more columns, and a tiny indie game called Retainer that I might turn into something more polished yet.

No cons so far. But! the year ain’t over yet and DragonMeet is mere weeks away. Really looking forward to that, and running my Fatejammerscape game.

Games accumulated but so far unplayed? Millions, including Torchbearer, Corporia, Achtung Cthulhu, World War Cthulhu, Nights Black Agents, Timewatch, Kerberos Club and Callisto.

All in all, I’ll take it. Would have liked something with more legs to it, but there’s been some notable highlights in among all the scrabbling around.


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