Things What I Wrote This Week

Had a week’s vacation so got a chance to really get behind my keyboard. Finished a couple of things that have been glowering at me from the rear hob, and started another couple by getting the chopping board and knife out. And that’s enough strained kitchen metaphors.

Knocked out three new columns for UK Roleplayers after too long a lay off. One about the golden years of UK gaming magazines and my minor involvement in the oft-mourned Valkyrie. The other two were hazy reminiscences of the Con scene when there was such a thing as a UK GenCon. Great fun looking back.

In the finished pile is my game offering for this years DragonMeet. Ostensibly a D&D game, set in the afterlife, using Fate as a rules engine. It was slightly jarring for me to have to stop prepping beyond some basic notes (on index cards naturally), but Fate needs player juice to move forward. Don’t want to overcook it.

And moving firmly into the Pending category is a brand new game. After banging my head against a wall trying to finish a trad opus, I’ve taken inspiration from another commentator and started putting together a brief story game. It’s well Indie. It’s called Retainer and it’s about flashbacks of fantasy encounters as told by henchmen and hirelings. Cross D&D with The Office and Extras and you’re there. It’s fun putting it together and not trying to write another generic adventure game. It’s more like a Sudoku with just a few moving parts that absolutely have to work together in a single way. Just hoping I see it through now.

Still bubbling? A few more columns. Couple of Let’s Reads, with Nights Black Agents and a Trail of Cthulhu campaign at the front of that particular queue.



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4 responses to “Things What I Wrote This Week

  1. Night’s Black Agents is on my reading list tonight in preparation for a game I have formulating for Seven Hills 🙂

    • Richard

      Hey, we were holiday buddies; except I spent my time in Cornwall climbing cliffs and rewarding myself with Harbour Special and lots of pasties.

      But, I have been reading The One Ring. That counts as time well spent. Right?

      • Totes! Cornwall is awesome. Wish I’d been there. The One Ring is a game I really need to investigate. The only thing stopping me is the amount of other stuff I’ve taken on, and I know if I start TOR I’m unlikely to stop!
        Also, Rich, we need to catch up properly soon. There are games we should be playing.

  2. Richard

    This year has been “Annus What Next?”

    We should meet up for a coffee and a chunter. We can talk about how naff Nottingham is.

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