Investigating new dark avenues

I’ve set out upon a new mission, to better myself as a gamer. I’m trying to learn a different way to play and run games. Investigative horror (IH). Course, it’s not completely new to me! Cthulhu has been a constant presence in the hobby ever since I began in the Thatcher era. And there’s been large elements of both the I and the H in most gaming in the intervening years. For example, pretty much every Warhammer Fantasy session ever.

Yet in recent years I’ve happily wrapped myself up in the cosy blanket of D&D, which I loved every minute of. Some of that was a reaction to the dark and edgy years in the hobby, but mostly it was because it was enormous fun and I had a group that responded to its tropes very well indeed. Now, as my standard group evolves, and I’m (dare I say it) more mature in my gaming outlook, I’d like to see what I’m missing out on. And I must be! It seems that pretty much everyone I know is into supernatural/conspiracy/investigation/gritty/thriller/horror/dystopia/post apocalypse stuff. You can’t move for it across all media.

So I’ve decided to dip a toe back in the (stagnant, amoebic) water. Here’s my plan. I’m rereading a bunch of Gumshoe stuff. Specifically Nights Black Agents (the espionage stuff keeps my cinematic head in the game) and for Trail, I’ve got Eternal Lies to see how adventures might be constructed. I’ve got Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff on heavy rotation on the iPod (and let’s face it, IH is really almost all they talk about). I’ve even signed up for a Delta Green game kicking off this weekend! And I’ve been soliciting advice from pals on the fora.

Point of all this? Well, I might try to get a game going. Which one I don’t know, and with whom I don’t know. I will cross that moonlit bridge with flickering flashlight in trembling hand later.


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