D&D is dead

I’m writing up an adventure for December’s Dragonmeet, and I’m taking the opportunity to try something a bit out of the norm. I’m running D&D, clearly, but not as I usually would. For starters, I’m likely to use the Fate Accelerated rules for it. Just because, I want to attract a different set of expectations from the player pool, and Fate promotes a more narrative experience.

The big change is in the situation. I’m starting with all the characters being recently deceased. They’ll all be coming to grips with the fact that their previous lives of killing things and taking their stuff is over. To be replaced with… What exactly?

At this point I’m sticking to the notion of the Astral Sea and the Divine Dominions as set out in various pieces of the D&D canon, but with various twists. I’ve got a few ideas for conflicts already, like Devil Soul Reapers, Astral Tourists, and Ghost Hunters. I won’t spoil any more at this point. Suffice to say, I’m looking for the big climax to be a decision on whether or not to return to the material world, via spell or something else, or to go on to the final reward, whatever that may be.

I’m also nicking the idea of death marks from Wraith. You can see the way you met your end physically manifested in your appearance. If you drowned, you’re constantly wet and dripping. If you were beheaded, then yes, you carry your head under your arm. I’ve had a top time dreaming up 101 ways to meet your end in D&D. It’s looking like a fantastic random table too.

As for characters, I’m doing them as 5e characters first, running them up a few levels and then killing them off. Then I’m transferring them across to Fate, in feel at least, leaving a couple of gaps for the players to fill in during play. Great fun.


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  1. I agree with you… Putting together a game of “D&D” (or even Pathfinder) brings with it too much baggage, and usually of the fight-first type. I applaud your move to Fate for a one-shot. Let us know how it went…

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