My favourite RPG

For me there can only be one answer. Drum roll please. It’s…


Not really.

It’s Dungeons & Dragons.

They say your first love is the one you’ll never forget. And so it is. From the earliest experiences of opening up the biggest rulebook to a game I’d ever seen, to finding out there was no board, no winner, and no end, I was hooked. Even then I knew it was bonkers, that it made little sense at best even when it was trying so hard to be accurate. But it was the only game in town. The other choices were Tunnels & Trolls (I was way too serious for that), Traveller (couldn’t get a handle on it) or Runequest (same). AD&D made it easy, because that was what everybody had played, and it was in stores, and even normals had heard of it.

I loved D&D.

She became my best friend and confidant. She was a little older than me, and sophisticated to my eyes, even though I already knew some people thought she was a bit silly. Gauche even.

Over the decades she had always been there, sometimes only at high days and holidays, where I politely enquired after her health and asked what she was up to. Sometimes she looked a bit sad, a bit down at heel. I hugely regret leaving her behind in the 90s to take a gap decade. Sure, I travelled, I met interesting new things, and some of them turned into extended relationships, but they never lasted. I knew I was searching, questing, and I never thought to look so close to home, to that crazy, sassy, clever girl I’d put back on my shelf in 88.

It took the end of a millennia for me to realise what I’d missed. I saw her then, and she had never looked better. She had a new style, but it was still her underneath all that modern glamour. She spoke sense, and warmth, and she had ideas. She was an inspiration, and I fell into her embrace, abandoning all others.

It was a whirl. I’d never felt so alive. I was crazed with creativity, working all hours on little creations to make her happy. I wasn’t alone. She had so many suitors. But she always looked at me with her own special way, one meant only for me, and I knew that.

They say things have to change, that nothing can stay the same for ever, and they’re right. But when she changed, so did I. I was ready. She got a bit intense for a while and started being more picky and demanding of her friends. I was fine with that. Screw them. I had to defend her honour many times, sometimes making an idiot of myself in the process. I didn’t care. She was worth it.

Now she and I have that kind of relationship where we can just exist together in comfortable silence. We don’t have to try so hard. We still have amazing times, and always will, but usually we just sit and smile, and reminisce. We decided it a long time ago, we were going to grow very old, and very happy together.

My name is Baz, and I fucking love Dungeons & Dragons.



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