Accepting sub standard product

As I go through Hoard I’ve seen many comments about how it was in joint development at the same time as the rules, and that explains why the adventure and the PHB don’t line up all the time.

That’s the reason, and it makes sense. I get that. What I don’t get is how that is supposed to be acceptable for me as a consumer. I’m not responsible for the decision to write these things in parallel. That’s a business decision made by the vendor in this deal. I’m at the sharp end, with my money, buying a product I expect to be able to use and enjoy. I didn’t insist on getting the book rushed out. I didn’t edit the thing (and I’m wondering if anyone actually did given the errors) and yet I’m supposed to be cool with the slapdash approach taken?

That’s unacceptable. If this book were a toaster I’d have taken it back for a refund. And if the store were to tell me that it kind of gets the bread a bit brown on one side so I should suck it up? Well, they wouldn’t would they.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. The book isn’t “broken” in the sense that it’s unusable, but it does need more work, and more assembly, than the outside would lead you to believe. And saying that is an acceptable price to pay, just because, isn’t enough.



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4 responses to “Accepting sub standard product

  1. Wow… that’s a very good analysis. For the price and the promise… My money is safe in my account for now!
    I like Wolfgang’s stuff but I’m just not forking this amount of cash. Not yet…

  2. Mark

    I am still getting enjoyment out of this product, but yes, this is does not succeed at the intended goal: providing a runnable campaign/linked adventure set in a box. It will be interesting to see if part 2 is radically different as they had another few months to get the text edited and aligned with the current rules.

    • I hope so too. Thing is, my issues with this book have little to do with the rules! More, it’s the lack of attention to internal consistency, referencing, plot logic and all that. When the maps don’t line up with the text, the rules don’t matter.

      • Mark

        Oh no, absolutely; the critical point is that it reads like a first draft of portions of a plot outline. I wonder how much lead time Wolfgang had on it. I am also curious about the business working of it: was the condition that KP delivered a manuscript that was ready to layout and print? It seems quite at odds with the attention given to the PHB.

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