Subcontractors on Scenario Duty

Wizards of the Coast are subcontracting their adventure design and development out to trusted third parties. So far, Kobold Press, and Saquatch Design Studios. This more has seen rejoicing from fans as by all accounts “WotC have never been able to write decent scenarios.”


Who do you think will be writing the stuff at the subcontractors? That’s right, a bunch of people who used to work at WotC.

Look, I’ve got Hoard of the Dragon Queen winging its way to me right now. I’ll review it of course, and if it’s a complete step up from WotCs recent offerings, I’ll be the first to lead the applause. If not, can we stop giving WotC D&D division a hard time because it’s seen as a Corp and not what it actually is, a small collection of dedicated gamers?


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