Foreseen Circumstances: the 5e diviner

Today’s character, a gnome wizard (because I can’t bear to use halflings now that they look so monstrous). Not usually a caster player, but 5e really wants everyone to use that back half of the PHB.


The process is getting quicker and quicker as I find my way around. Ten minutes tops.

The diviner stuff is interesting. I get to scribe divination spells on the cheap. Whatever. But, Portent! I can roll 2d20 over breakfast each day, and sub in those results at will. Very cool (I’m sure there was an item in 4e that did similar, a bag of something or other)

I grab spells based on name and my murky memory. Then I look them up and see if they’re appropriate. Weirdly, I don’t get Guidance in the wizard cantrip list?

Still have to pause and think while moving my lips on the whole known/prepped/slots thing. That will come.

Personality wise, all I had in mind was the little guy in the team who offers wisdom to the leader in a pinch. There’s archetypes for that everywhere, from King Arthur to the X Men. The background rolls turned out a little more interest. I’d like to play this little guy.

The hardest part? A name. Any suggestions?



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3 responses to “Foreseen Circumstances: the 5e diviner

  1. steeplejackuk

    Great to see this coming together faster, hoping to get my PHB by the end of the week. As to a name, Garnot Alvastholt.

  2. Stop empowering me with your enticing 5E posts…

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