Sten Guns & Stick Grenades

I revisited an old idea today, just because it’s the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. My original concept for War Stories was to base it off old school D&D. My thinking being that it came from Wargaming in the first place, so why not?


I’ve since moved way past that idea into all sorts of engines and atmospheres, but it always nagged at me to see what it would look like. Also, my main project is very labour intensive (I’ve pretty much rewritten Fate longhand from scratch) and sometimes I just need a palate cleanser.

So, I downloaded the Word Doc of Swords & Wizardry and set to hacking it into a WW2 game. It’s amazing what some judicious Find/Replace can do! It’s also incredibly liberating to highlight the entire Treasure chapter and press delete. After a few hours, I’ve got the basis of a complete game. Actually there’s still loads to do, but much of that is about paring back even more content.

Layout may take a while, in fact to be honest it may never happen at all, but there may be a release in this.

Oh yeah, this retro clone stuff is a piece of piss!


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  1. If you are interested in bringing the draft up to first draft quality , I would be interested in publishing it and doing all the layout and sorting out art. Drop me a line

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