Another decision decided

I think that I am going to publish War Stories with no art beside the cover. There’s also a very good chance it will be formatted as a traditional book (and ebook naturally)

Much as I love good art in RPGs, it has simply become a habit in publishing rather than a necessity. It’s not exactly useful, and above all things, I want War Stories to be useful. Plus, sorting out decent art is a massive undertaking, and I’d rather get the book out sooner.

Unless I change my mind.


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One response to “Another decision decided

  1. As a roleplayer and writer who lacks any drawing skills beyond the ability to scrawl basic and poorly-implemented cartoons, I find that acquiring decent artwork is the biggest bar to self publishing any kind of roleplaying game or supplement. I share your opinions regarding art in games, but I know that there are many gamers who feel that a roleplaying book without art feels amateur or unfinshed. I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on this, and would love to hear how this idea of yours progresses and works out for you.

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