War v.1

Finished the first pass on War Stories tonight. It’s the rules, sans many of the examples, but otherwise polished up to a level where the game is playable as is. It’s 52 pages, and it’s taken about 30 hours of writing, 300 of thinking.

It’s still recognisably Fate Core, but by the time I’ve added in the fluff and colour, it might be hard to tell.

Very pleased to have gotten to this stage. Next step, firming up some of the squad level rules. Then, round one of playtest.

Speaking of which, let me know if you want in on the playtest. The minimum I ask for is a read through and feedback. Cheers!


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One response to “War v.1

  1. A read through is about all I could give you. As I’ve never played a game of fate.

    Itineranthobbyist@gmail.com if you want. If not, I understand.

    Either way, congrats getting to this point.

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