Under the Skin

I started my WW2 Fate game by reskinning a few things. By the end, it turns out nothing has survived unscathed. Here’s what’s changed so far:

Aspects = traits
Skills = talents
Stunts = knacks
Situation = scenario
Fate points = Luck points
Stress = harm
Consequences = injuries
Boost = edge

Pretty much all the skills (talents) are something different now too.

Some nomenclature changes are quite subtle. Instead of “invoke” or “compel” I use the term “use”. Some changes are more fundamental, like the skill ladder that now has terms like “first rate” and “so-so”.

Why go to all the bother? Mostly personal preference, but I think it gives my game it’s own flavour. It’s all a bit more British and try’s to capture the parlance of the 40s.

The downside is that Fate veterans have changes to internalise, but frankly every Fate iteration brings changes. At least these ones are clear and obvious.


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