The Fate of War Stories

Ok so I’ve been noodling with my nascent WW2 game for ages now. It stalled a few months back due to work pressures, but they seem to be easing off a bit now.

The time to reflect has been helpful. I’ve now decided to NOT make this a unique, standalone game. I’m going to tether it to an Open game system: Fate Core.

Reasons? Fate will tell my War stories better than any system I would write. Fight Fire by Jason Morningstar and Leonard Balsera shows what can be done with a similar set up.

And really, I want to walk my own talk and concentrate in delivering adventure material into a poor market, rather than more system into a crowded one.

Decision made.



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2 responses to “The Fate of War Stories

  1. I’ve always wondered how a world war role playing game might work. The obvious drama would lend itself to the table, and the being sent on missions as a squad is a step above meeting in a tavern to find a quest>

    I wonder why it isn’t more prevalent?

    • As a genre it definitely sits lower on the scale than fantasy, sci fi, supers or horror. And yet, as you say, it fits right in with so many of the RPG tropes. For example, the party. So many games don’t acknowledge or accommodate the idea of teamwork and multiple pcs. Squad based action is exactly that.

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