Someone asked me why I gave up D&D back in the day…

…it took me a long time to think of an answer.

Way back in the day (early 80s?) I moved on to other games because AD&D was silly. I literally thought it stupid. Hit points, armour class, level limits, wands, paladins: it made no sense at all. The letters page of White Dwarf was where the debate happened, and they’d clearly moved on from AD&D themselves. At the same time, if you looked in Dragon, it was chock full of over earnest ecology of the bulette articles and Sage Advice columns about the volume of a fireball released underwater. The idiots! Didn’t they realise there was more to gaming than just being obsessive and having a good time?!

And it took me about fifteen more years to realise that it was in fact me that was the idiot. I spent the intervening years playing everything once, and a few things twice. I must have bought 100 games or more, looking for the one, the game that I could retire with. Never found it. And I kept an eye on the old D&D as it went through its changes. I bought the odd thing here and there, you know, because. And then 3rd ed got announced.

Dungeons. Dragons. Fighters, clerics, wizards and rogues (Magic users and thieves were silly names, see?) The old magic came flooding back as I realised I could do all the things I wanted to do, with D&D, if I was just true to myself and the games I wanted to play. The nonsense that is D&D is the very best thing about it. It makes no sense at all, so, stop worrying about that and pour your attention into the game instead. Turns out, being obsessive and having a good time was the whole bloody point of the hobby.

I wanted out because I thought the grass was greener. It was, but the original grass had the best playground on it.


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