Fate Accelerated Spaceships

I’ve been fooling around with spaceships for my Fate game. Checked out Diaspora and Bulldogs (too hard, too loose) and came around to using FAE with some new paintwork. Here’s my players ship in our Used Space adventures.

Triggers Broom

High concept: Ramshackle Junker
Trouble: Snippy AI
Aspect: Mind of its own
Aspect: Wing and a prayer
Aspect: Handles like a Skybike

AI: +2
Engines: +1
Hull: +2
Sensors: +0
Weapons: +1
Utility: +3

+2 when creating advantages with Sensors from low orbit.

Ablative Plates
+2 when defending with Hull while being pursued

Targeting Programmes
+2 when attacking with Weapons and outnumbered

Stress: OOOOO

Mild 2
Moderate 4
Severe 6

Note: I’ve gone with six ‘skills’. Most are self explanatory, but AI is the ships computers, and Utility is the catch all skill for Waldo arms, or medical bays, or hidden lockers, that sort of thing. You get an array of 3,2,2,1,1,0 just like in FAE.

And that’s it! Sure, it’s light on detail, but then again, it’s the Characters that really matter right? Speaking of which, look to Core for ideas of melding the characters and the ships actions. So, when the ship is being thrown around by a character, then the character becomes an ally. So, if you’ve got two characters in laser turrets who have Shoot at Average (+1) or better, the ships Weapons roll would get +2. You’ll need to match up skills a bit, but it shouldn’t be too tricky a call.



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2 responses to “Fate Accelerated Spaceships

  1. I know this post is over 2 years old, so I hope this gets to you. This looks really great. I am running a Star Wars game and used this for inspiration, though we are playing with Core not FAE.

    There is one bit I cannot figure out -how do you get the extra stress boxes for the ship? Even if it is a character it should only have 3 stress if you are running FAE, right?

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