So D&D Next is out this summer. Time to plan, or prevaricate at least. I’ve made a few decisions already: first, I’m going to look forward to it, and play it with enthusiasm. Second, I’m going to try really hard to NOT buy anything beyond the core and instead raid my library for content.

I’ve got loads of stuff. Most of it goes unused after an initial browse. I want to treat my collection like a bunch of Lego, and use pieces to assemble my own concoction. Zero points for originality, which irks me a bit, but infinite points for practicality and realist goal setting.

I’m calling it The Brightshadow Campaign.

I’m taking the cosmology of 4e, and rearranging it into a single world. It will be archipelago style, with the islands being the dominions of the gods. Except the gods are more like kings and queens rather than distant ineffable beings. The whole thing will be powered down quite a bit from epic to heroic. I’m layering the Shadowfell and the Feywild over the top, not as regions per se, but as opposing civilisations, who are at war.

I’m twisting the 3×3 alignment system too. Chaotic is going to represent the Feywild, law the Shadowfell. The good/evil axis remains.

I’m not having humans at all. Which means I’m not having gods for elves or dwarves, as they aren’t secondary races any more. In fact my gods will be more akin to 13th Ages icons in scope.

I’m amping up the tech level ever so slightly, to be more like Iron Kingdoms. I’m having psionics big time.

Adventurers will be highly respected in the setting, like the way superheroes and villains are in the Marvel Universe. In fact, I’m nicking loads of MU tropes, like SHIELD, Dr Doom, mutants, the moon, aliens all that jazz.

And then there’s formatting. I’ve learned to love index cards thanks to recent forays into Fate and the excellent Pathfinder Card Game. I’m going old school with cards and pens! I’ll have maps art and monsters culled from books, but otherwise I’m dropping that screen and keeping the GM footprint small.

Well, that’s the plan anyway.


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  1. richgreen01

    That sounds great! Got around 8-9 months of my 4e Parsanstium campaign to go, then we’re starting back at 1st level in the setting using either 13th Age or Next. Not decided yet. I’ve also got loads of stuff from prior editions but I always find it hard to resist new books….

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