Tear down the wall!

Last January I published my Adventure Environment for 13th Age. https://rpgtreehouse.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/knee-deep.pdf . It was a great experience, and now the game itself is out there’s been nearly 1000 downloads, which I find both amazing and humbling. With that anniversary looming, I think it’s time for the second installment, this time set in the Champion tier.

My first thoughts are to write up another mini sandbox, this time on the coast of the Iron Sea. If you don’t know the setting, in this world, the sea is alive, angry, and wants to destroy the Dragon Empire. Well, sort of. Essentially it gives us a chance to reenact Godzilla in a fantasy setting. Typically of 13th Age, this write up is no more than a couple of paragraphs, which is more than enough of a springboard. Any more than that and I’d start to feel painted into a corner.

I love brutal frontiers and sieges. There’s loads of precedents too, from the Wall in George RR Martins Song of ice and Fire, to the Wall in Legend of the Five Rings where the Crab Clan hold back the Shadowlands. Then there’s all the great sieges from the genre verse, like David Gemmells Legend, or Warhammers Storm of Chaos with Middenheim. It’s all grist to the mill and I’ll be looking to pay homage to some of these in the book.

I’m also going to play with the formatting a bit. I want this to be a book that’s as useful as it’s enjoyable, which is easier said than done. The choice of 13th Age as a system throws up a few issues too, so I want to make this flexible enough to accommodate backgrounds, icons and OUTs without either being too prescriptive or too vague. Right now I’m thinking of multiple options in the text for plots, people and places which the GM will pick from as they go. It will give it replay value too, although it is essentially tripling the amount of cool ideas I need to come up with!

This is super early days, so I’ll write up notes as I go. I’ll also ask around for some brainstorming and idea bouncing, so be ready for that. Excited.


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