Storage Joy

I’ve been looking for the perfect storage for all my books for ages now. I’ve never settled on anything ever since moving house about 5 years ago and trading in my bookshelves for kids bedrooms.

While I was in B&Q today I spotted some of those very excellent Really Useful Boxes, these ones designed for storing Christmas trees. The dimensions are perfect, they hold RPG books like a long comic box. At £20 a pop it’s a non trivial expense, but it does the job brilliantly.

And it turns out I have two and a half metres of D&D books. Who knew?



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5 responses to “Storage Joy

  1. They’re really cool. I’d have nowhere to store them though 😉

  2. Richard

    +1 Dave; can you get a box for the box?

  3. Richard

    And, be careful here, Baz, storing stuff this easily also makes it a doddle for someone to take to a boot sale while your back is turned.

  4. Oooooh these would prove useful for a ton of my nerdery supplies.

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