State of the Empire

I’ve been writing a column for for a few months now. I’ve put some of them up on this blog before. They’re memoirs, all nostalgic and rosy about my life in gaming. I’ve enjoyed writing them, and really enjoyed the positive response.

I’ve been putting the next column off for ages now. It’s about the ten years I spent working at Games Workshop. It’s a rollicking tale alright, and one I think I can tell well. I think there’s even an appetite for it, as gamers seem to lap up anything to do with GW even now. My reluctance stems from this: what’s it got to do with roleplaying games?

You see, my audience is RPGers, as am I. GW has has next to bugger all to do with any of that for decades. Yet, I can’t be blind to the fact that the old firm had, and still has, an enormous influence on the gaming hobby. The community seems to have never forgiven GW for what they see as a Great Betrayal. Only this week I saw them referred to as Games Whoreshop. Classy. I understand those feelings, I had them myself once, but it was all so long ago. GW moved on. That’s pretty much it.

My time there was great. I loved it. I learned all about the history, the present and many of the plans for the future. RPGs were no more than a footnote. I think my recollections will upset the haters because of a lack of hate on my part. And I think there are still many folk who want to see GW cast in a wnegative light. I don’t want to do that.

I’ve written the first part now, and it’s gone off to the publisher (hi Dave!). I’ve got loads more to write, but want to see how this bit goes down first. Glad to have gotten it done, and am feeling like doing more. Hope to get the chance

Edit: here it is


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