I grabbed the Pelgrane Bag of holding deal. It’s great. One of the nicer things about it is the multiple formats. You get Ashen Stars and Nights Black Agents in the standard pdf, but also in formats you can use on e-readers. Oddly, my copy of Mutant City Blues is straight up PDF only. Huh. So right now I’m reading NBA on my Kindle. That’s a new experience for me, I’ve been used to reading my game books as full PDFs on my iPad for a while now.

The Kindle is spot on for pure reading. Not as a reference, or to be annotated or flicked back and forth on (my usual way of consuming RPGs), but just reading, like a novel.

Given that I’m not really into the systems elements of these games so much as the setting, this is a nice way for me to chew through what would otherwise be a big reading project. And I can do it in the bath.


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  1. Richard

    You need to provide a warning at the top of the blog if you’re intending on seeding images we can all do without.

    So, a collection of candles? Or rubber ducks?

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