Oh Pelgrane, Pelgrane, Pelgrane…

You’ve cost me a pretty penny today. Not only is the current Bag of Holding deal filled with the only Pelgrane stuff I don’t already have (technically no longer true)…

…but now I have the pre order in for the 13th Age Bestiary, so have the playtest squealing and kicking in my iPad right now.


The latest Next package isn’t going to get a look in is it?



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2 responses to “Oh Pelgrane, Pelgrane, Pelgrane…

  1. Richard

    Pelgrane are real sods; in a good way. It would be wrong to shout “stop producing good stuff”. Probably. With ToC and DERPG in the reading queue, NBA read, Ashen Stars, Mutant City Blues, Owl Hoot Trail and Hillfolk on my to get list (PDF s not really working for me so I won’t dip into the Bag of Holding thing) what I really need Pelgrane to work on is a Time Machine. Come on Laws and Hite, stop fannying around writing and making Derek and Clive style podcasts, develop something REALLY innovative for us gamers or I’ll have to become really rubbish at my job so nobody employs me anymore.

    • Then hold on to your hat mate because your wishes may come come true. I’m just going through the playtest document of Pelgranes upcoming Time Watch game. Yep, it’s about time travel. Written by Kevin Kulp (Piratecat on ENWorld, co-author of Owl Hoot Trail) and for Gumshoe. Early signs are very positive.
      So that’s another one for the list.

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