Review: All Rolled Up

Proof that social media works? I’ve been seeing a lot of lovely pictures of All Rolled Up game bags in my G+ feed for a while now. When I felt an urge to play some Fate at an upcoming Con, first thing that occurred to me was that I’d need storage for index cards, Fate dice and chips, all that stuff (seriously, gaming bling often trumps gaming content with me).

IMAG0224All Rolled Up (ARU, got to love those acronyms) is a storage solution for your game gubbins, all in a custom cloth roll like the sort you see for cutlery in picnic baskets. I’ve not seen anything like it for gaming before. The selection is ever growing, and now includes such exotic materials as chalk cloth. The designs are all eye catching, and there’s options to add bits and pieces to truly customise your ARU. I plumped for the Elder Thing for £20 despite having little interest in Cthulhu, it just seemed colourful and generic. (Knowing me, I’ll end up with a pulp one, a supers one, a sci fi one…)

The pictures on the website do a good job of showing you how it all works, but it doesn’t give you the essentially tactile nature of it. These things feel great. They roll up well, and have a certain heft to them that I find really appealing, like a good cricket ball. Mine lays nice and flat mid game, and the dice sit in the bag well, with easier access than the usual purse style bags I’ve been used to.

IMAG0225The killer app in all this is not really the kit, it’s the service. Paul and Fil have been fabulous with their communications (you have to send them an e-mail to order, and they come back to you with instructions. Sounds fiddly, but they make it really easy) I knew the status of my order at all times, with personal, friendly updates by e-mail. The packaging was brilliant. The whole thing is well wrapped in a ziplock bag, and has some lovely little value-adds too. The guys hand draw a little thank you card which is slipped into the central pocket. They even supplied a little dangly thing with a couple of tiny d6 in there.

This product is an absolute luxury, and is priced beyond a mere impulse purchase (though perfectly good value in my opinion) but it’s perfectly pitched to people like me who love to spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need. I’ve proudly shown this off to the guys in my gaming group and they oohed and aahed more than they did about the iPad. High praise indeed.

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3 responses to “Review: All Rolled Up

  1. New gaming paraphernalia!? V. nice 😀

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