Saltmarsh, accelerated

Here’s a conversion for part one of The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, for Fate Accelerated. Who knows, say enough nice things about it and there may one day be a second part. 



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11 responses to “Saltmarsh, accelerated

  1. Well Baz, FATE Accelerated is on my list of *ought to* games, maybe your enthusiasm for it will help tip it over into the ‘Unplayed’ list :).

    N.B. For folks who haven’t been following the relevant threads on ‘Unplayed’ are games that you want to get round to playing, whereas *ought to* refers to those games you for some reason feel an *obligation* to play but mayor may not ever do so.

  2. Point taken :). I guess I *could* rock up at your treehouse one day and slip myself into a session, maybe playing an NPC or summat. I think it’s about time we met F2F and did some gaming together. Wodger say?

  3. Nah, not going to Furnace, sadly- didn’t have the £20 when the bookings were being taken 😦 – so maybe Dragonmeet if you’re there? And I don’t want to clog up your bog so I’ll leave it there, might PM you from time to time though just to say howdy-doody :).

  4. Er, hope you realise I meant to say BLOG not bog. Oops!

  5. I thought ‘clog your blog’ must be some new (or british) phrase that I was unaware, and first was like,or sure, clog your blog, like rustle your jimmies, or something, but then I was like, but wait, a bog is already clogged – that’s what makes it a bog, so to clog it, then, is an excercise in futility, like barking up the wrong tree. Then I got confused, so pardon me for intruding on a semi-private convo, but thank you for clarifying. 🙂

    (oof, long day at work obviously)

    • Hi Jason. Well, to clog someone’s bog *should* mean to put a log in their blog- do I need to explain that? I hope not!! That’s why I was oopsing 😛 Good to see Baz’s fame has spread beyond these shores though. ‘S a matter of interest, where are _you_ based?

  6. Gah, I’ve done it again. Tell you what, I’ll give up and just go to bed. Nighty night both o’ yez…

  7. Coming in late to this, thanks to your mention of it on Rob Donoghue’s blog. I like this a lot.

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