Back in the saddle

I always said I’d never start a post with an apology for not posting so much, but there’s no hiding it, I’ve been slow with the updates in recent months. Sorry about that.

Quick catch up then: I’ve not exactly been quiet on the gaming front! I’ve spent most of my time fending off the instinct to post on gaming forums. Quite unsuccessfully as it happens. Between RPGnet, UKRoleplayers and various G+ communities, I’ve spent many an hour telling people why they’re wrong and I’m right. Politely of course.

I’ve been getting plenty of game time in too. G+ has been a boon for this. I’ve played a fair amount of DCC online and we’ve been having a high old time doing so. I’ve made some great new friends this way, and I’m looking forward to more meet ups soon. As a result of that I’ve dabbled in an Esoterrorists game too. Totally not my thing, but again, playing on G+ requires little extra effort and its good to get some gaming in regardless. Incidentally, if rules light supernatural investigation is your thing, then G+ is a wonderful medium for it.

And my D&D campaign rolls on, slowly but steadily. Another player roster change but the core guys are still there. We’re now using the Next playtest for rules, and we’ve done so for about three packets worth now. It’s a really good game even at this stage in play, though I could do with more help as a DM with the content and encounter building stuff.

I’ve got some time this summer, so brace yourself, there might well be some updates.


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