Minor Monster Manual Moan

Why are nearly all the monster manuals, bestiaries and what have you set up alphabetically? If its D&D specifically, I want them listed by level please. They should go from Kobold to Tarrasque, not Aardvark to Zombie.

When I’m prepping a game, I do it by level. By all means drop in a mini index alphabetically if you like, but rule books need to be useful please.

You know what I dislike most about A-Z? The D section. You get Devils, Demons and Dragons, all in one big chunk. Does my head in.

The only fantasy level based game I can think of that takes a different approach is Dungeon World where they’re listed by theme. I like that.

Told you it was a minor moan.



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6 responses to “Minor Monster Manual Moan

  1. Is there a fan supplement that does that work? That’s the sort of exhaustive bookkeeping that devotees do for Warhammer FRP all the time…. 🙂

  2. Philo Pharynx

    I don’t understand the problem. When I search for monsters by name they come up alphabetically. When I search by level they come up numerically. When I search by special ability they come up that way.

    Oh, you’re talking about one of those ancient tomes that had physical sheets of paper stitched together? I suppose if you’re into using fifth-century technology you have to deal with the limitations of the medium.

    *tongue firmly in cheek*

  3. I’ve got to agree here. Group them by type, sure, but put the type in the place its typical level is.

    And for ones that spread across the whole range, possibly even put them in several sections (ie. wyrmlings, dragons and elder dragons or something)

    • Philo Pharynx

      So the Orc Chietain would be a quarter of the way farther in the book than the standard orc warrior? It makes sense to have it on the facing page.

      • The reason I’d group them by type is to avoid that.

        If Orcs are level 2-7, put them between level 4 and 5 monsters.

        If Orcs are levels 1-30, split them into Orcs (1-10), Orcs (11-20) and Orcs (21-30) in different parts of the book, because you’re not going to use Gruumsh and a standard orc warrior in the same scenario.

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