Next up….

Our weekly game has turned into a monthly game what with holidays, family, work and all that. One of the downsides of this is that I don’t feel that we’re getting through enough adventure in the time we have. Our system of choice means that combats take up the majority of the session, and the bits in between them are more about the snacks than anything else. That’s ok, but for me as perennial DM it’s getting a bit frustrating.

Making a system switch is a big deal, and might not cure every ill. In fact, it might make things worse! I don’t want to make everything we’ve played over the past few years redundant. So, we agreed a decent compromise I think.

From next week we’re moving to the Next rules. They appear to be in a much more stable state than when we tried them out at the start. I’m hoping it allows us to get more adventuring done, but still allows for big set piece conflicts too. We’re using some of the NPCs from our current campaign and playing them alongside our regular 4e campaign. That way one session can affect another, and we haven’t dumped our main game entirely.

I’m quite excited by the idea. Feels fresh. Feels right. We will see.



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3 responses to “Next up….

  1. steeplejackuk

    Hey Baz

    we’ve been playtesting Next through all its current itterations, and although updating characters to account for new changes, is a pain, the game itself plays like a dream. Is everything there – no, by no means. But it hasn’t stopped us having fun and providing the right sort of framework to get to it. Moreover we’ve been doing this all on G+ like you with scheduling conflicts and people dropping in and out as time allows. And still we’ve been able to play a string of adventures so far up to level 5. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

  2. I’m glad you’re excited! I have to admit that my last group broke up because the long pauses between games just meant we weren’t really feeling a consistent narrative. (We, too, were playing once a month.) Now I’m playing in a once-a-week-and-sometimes-more game (with updates between games) and it feels MUCH, much richer. We’re about to start once-a-monthing with our previous group, so I’ll be interested to see how the two experiences map out against one another.

    Good luck with the system change! Hope it does what you want it to do.

  3. Richard

    I feel your pain on the monthly game, Baz.

    On the upside, more time for G+ frolics.

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