Cross hatching fun

The inestimable Dyson has inspired many a mapper. I’ve been a lurker of mapping for many a year, typically waiting for the right time and materials to align. Well, i ain’t getting any younger, so armed with the bottom of a shopping list and a purple pen…. This.


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2 responses to “Cross hatching fun

  1. Richard

    So, what are the aesthetic benefits of cross-hatching over a solid black/blue background or, indeed, the very lazy blank approach?

    Did you find all that hatching therepeutic?

    I seem to remember some maps of old had a speckled or dotted background. Or is my memory fading?

    Cool map either way and there’s something about looking at a map like that that makes you want to populate it and come up with some devious backstory.

    • Cheers! Yeah, pretty meditative to do the hatching, and actually easier than blocking it all out manually. I know what you mean though, I actually want to populate it now.
      In fact, I will.
      Hold fire.

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