Ruins of War photos and review

Another stealth tiles release from WotC. And as usual, another good value product that could see use on many tables. The theme is war, and it’s one that I didn’t expect, but am pleased to see. We needed more ‘wilderness’ tiles anyway, and these scream out for set piece encounters.



On the downside, there’s not quite enough to build a full fort here (that needs its own set please WotC) and I’m not sure why a vegetable plot merits a big 8×8 tile to itself.

On the upside, most of the smaller tiles are lovely. Lots of battlefield detritus and abandoned war machines. I’d even use these on top of a Wargames set up.

For the money, great. Wizards really should be shouting about these.



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2 responses to “Ruins of War photos and review

  1. What, you don’t want to fight orcs in between rows of tomatoes?

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