Up to our necks

I’ve very kindly been given permission by the good people at Pelgrane Press to publish my setting book for 13th Age. Just have to finish it now.

One of the things I simply must do is find a snappy pitch for it, because right now it goes a little like this:

It’s a setting book really, as well as a supplement. It’s got scads of adventure hooks as well as some that are fully realised. It’s got locations, items and creatures too. It’s written in a certain style that is designed to be vague, yet inspirational, yet compelling. It’s tricky to describe. It’s set in a swamp, the Knee Deep, but none of the stuff in it is totally dependent on marshes. You could pick it up and drop it into a desert without much trouble. It uses the idea of icons to generate agendas and plots, so depending on your group you’ll get a different experience each time. It’s got stacks of homages in it too, mostly to other gaming stuff. It’s got art, which I also did. And it’s free. At the moment I’m calling it “up to our necks in the Knee Deep” but that might change into something like Mire Miscellanae. I dunno.

See? It needs to be a one or two liner.

Anyhow, it’s well on its way to being done, so here’s a preview of a small chapter.

Things you might experience in the Knee Deep when it’s not important:


  • A plop in the water, like a rock, or a body
    Repetitive slosh, slosh, slosh, like an oar in the water
    The quork of a raven
    The brush of a hunting owl
    A sharp crack, like a branch, or a bone
    A sucking sound
    The scream of a trapped animal
    The lowing of an ox
    A bell tolling
    Ugly rumours, unsubstantiated
    Utter silence
    The buzzing of flies
  • Sights

  • Pale sunlight
    Rolling clouds of fog
    Moss shrouded branches
    Clouds of tiny insects
    Stream of bubbles in the water
    Snares, pots, and animal traps
    A wake
    A single footprint, filling with water
    A smashed potion bottle
    Dead fish, floating
    Fungal bloom
    A gibbous moon
    Mozart records, copies of the Crabapple Cove Courier & the Boston Glove, letters from ‘Peg’.
  • Feelings

  • A sudden chill
    A cool breath of air
    Trickling sweat
    Stinging insects
    Oppressive heat
    Clinging humidity
    Swollen toes
    Clammy skin
    Hacking cough
    A presence
    Is that… a leech?
    Cobwebs on your face
  • Scents

  • Woodsmoke
    Each other
    Rotten flowers
    Carrion stench
    Marsh gas
    Spore burst
    Peaty mush
    Dead leaves
    Stagnant water
    Bitter almond
  • Fauna

  • Eels, roiling
    Pigs, snuffling
    Scavenger birds, feeding
    Oxen, grazing
    Birds, wading
    Dragonfly, darting
    Flying ants, swarming
    Turtles, chewing
    Toads and frogs, croaking and hopping
    Rats, squeaking
    Bats, flitting
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