Publishing help needed

I could use a little advice. I have some RPG material that I want to publish (who doesn’t?). It’s small scale, just a slim setting supplement that I want to put out for free on PDF. How best to get it out there? Obviously I can just stick it on this site and hawk my wares around the fora (and maybe that’s all there is to it) What about places like Drive Thru? It appears they really only want to deal with priced goods, which is more than fair enough. Is there another avenue I should look at?



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3 responses to “Publishing help needed

  1. Are you sure Drive Thru only do priced stuff? I’m pretty sure I’ve downloaded free stuff from them before. (Though I guess it could be that once you have an account selling paid stuff you can put up free stuff too.)

    I’ve had a reasonable amount of success offering stuff for free on my website, though admittedly the most successful product has been a supplement for someone else’s game and therefore pimped on their website. But even our obscure indie game has had around 100 downloads. Depends how big a splash you want to make, I guess! But put it this way: I doubt it makes a difference where you put it – it’s your marketing that will decide how successful it is.

    • Yeah, they insist that the majority of product released is for pay. Totally reasonable to be honest.

      Btw, checked out your stuff, looks sweet!

      • Cool, thanks!

        Definitely a reasonable position for Drivethru to take, but I’m not sure what benefit you’d get even if you did use them. To my mind the main reason for using them would be for the cash handling – I’m not sure how much marketing value they have (they do a newsletter, but whether anyone reads it I don’t know). Would anyone drop into DT and happen upon your game? I doubt it.

        So yeah, forum marketing etc. And abuse the crap out of your contacts. You must know loads of people who would be willing to pimp your stuff on their sites and/or social networking accounts.

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