My Drow education continues


It’s nice when Amazon delivers you a book you’d forgotten pre-ordering. I got Menzoberranzan today. Full review to follow if, and only if, I get the urge.

I have mixed feelings about this book, and that’s without even opening it (hey, it’s the Internet, I’m entitled to have unfounded opinions!). It seems to be the last book for 4e, which is a sad state of affairs. Having said that, the completist in me likes the sense of closure (remind me to tell you about a collectible part work I subscribed to in haste a few years back. It’s still arriving).

I’m not a massive Drow fan to be honest. Most of their story in D&D happened while I was off playing other games. I tried the first Drizz’t novel, but never finished it. I’ve skimmed through the Drow sections in other books like Underdark and Neverwinter (both superb books btw). And I didn’t follow the previews on DDI.

So I’m going into this blind. Hope its interesting. Will let you know.


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