Holiday reading


Rented a great house in Devon for this years holiday. As with so many of these places there’s a bookshelf for folk to leave their old reads. Found these in the kids bedroom. Made story time a lot more interesting for me! Danny liked being a wizard with a glowing acid sword.



September 2, 2012 · 7:19 pm

7 responses to “Holiday reading

  1. Great memories of reading those – especially Starship Traveller for some reason (of the ones you’ve pictured). I’m going to be buying Connor some for his 10th birthday/Christmas (both are in December unfortunately!) now that he’s started reading for fun (as opposed to reading because we’ve told him to ;))

  2. Wow, early edition FFs. Lucky you had 2 dice, a pencil and an eraser with you…

  3. Oh, my gosh! I just rediscovered those Steve Jackson books at my mom’s house. What great times they were.

  4. Like so many gamers, I’ve just picked up the latest one this weekend and when I get a night to myself I plan on going at it old school. Which means finger bookmarking and probably never loosing a fight 😉

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