Monster stat blocks in 13th Age

I was fiddling around with the stat blocks for orcs in 13th Age. I was trying to shrink them down to the bare minimum needed for reference in my adventure notes. I got them down to this:

Orc Warrior (1 troop) Init +3, AC 16, PD 14, MD 10, Greataxe +6, 1d10 (crit 17+ until wounded), HP 30

Orc Berserker (2 troop) Init +5, AC 17, PD 15, MD 14, Greataxe +7 2d6 (crit 17+ until wounded), HP 36
Unstoppable: When this berserker is reduced to 0 hp, it does not automatically drop. Instead it rolls a d20: if it rolls higher than its negative hp it stays on its feet fighting. The next damage dealt to it, no matter how small, will kill it.

Orc Shaman (2 troop) Init +5, AC 18, PD12, MD 16, Battle Curse vs. 1d3 nearby targets, +6 vs. MD, 1d10 psychic damage and target can only use a basic attack on its next attack OR Spear +6, 2d6 (crit 17+ until wounded) HP 42

Orc Rager (7 mook troop) Init +12, AC 22, PD 20, MD 16, Greataxe +12, 16 dam, HP 27
Dying strike: When an orc rager dies, it gets one last attack.

Great Fang Cadre (10 mook) Init +13, AC 26, PD 23, MD 17, Double Ax +15, 25 dam (Natural 11+: Strike one more time), Big, black, creaking bow + 15 v PD, 37 dam, HP 50
Advanced ability, Whatever nasty special power (or appendage) that you need the great fang lord to have. It’s eaten something special and mutated.

I couldn’t bring myself to shrink the italicised parts too much. Apart from that these look pretty useful, almost as old school as the old TSR modules.


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