Fantasy science

My last in a trilogy of setting heists, my big cosmological universe stuff.

On that scale, there’s only one place to turn, the big ideas from sci fi. I adore fantasy for my gaming, but as a reader I prefer to get my jollies with space ships. I grew up on Larry Niven, so I’m putting my setting on a ring world, just because I can.

If you don’t know what that is, let me try to paraphrase the original work. Imagine a 50 foot length of blue ribbon, about an inch wide, laid on its edge and formed into a circle on the ground. At the centre, place a candle. Thats the sun, and the inside face of the ribbon is the surface of the world. The whole thing is spun to provide gravity. Imagine the horizon! Between the surface and the sun hang massive square structures wired together like a necklace. As they move they cast shadows upon the surface, simulating night and day.

And of course my world has the benefit of magic, so I don’t even have to have it make sense. I’ll have the Underdark included, as the dark outer side of the world. Let’s call them Neathers. As for the shadow squares, I prefer to have them as little planets, which gives me all kinds of cool eclipses to work with. I think I’ll also have them be the domains of the gods (why not?), which gets me my planar fun in.

By the way, I’ve always like the concept of Feywild and Shadowfell, but I want them more as physical locations that you can walk to and through rather than ‘step sideways’ to.

For giggles, I’m thinking of putting a literal twist into the ring world and making it a Möbius Strip.

While I’m at it I’ll be stealing liberally from my fave sci fi authors Peter F Hamilton and Iain M Banks. Their ideas are too good to waste, and magic will explain everything. So let’s have sentient ships, and let’s have them be mental and dangerous. Let’s have Edenists instead of elves. Let’s have a zombie invasion, but from the spirit world. Let’s have a Culture, benevolent dictators from around the ring somewhere. Yeah.

And all that’s easy enough to fit on a page or two. After that it’s just going through the classes and races, and making a permission list with house rules. And then we do characters.

Game on!



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3 responses to “Fantasy science

  1. Just started on some Iain M. Banks, and I’m loving it. Th idea of tht society and what you can do in it is fantastic. I mainly read fantasy , with the scifi coming in the form of Steampunk stuff or black library books, but banks has really turned me around.

  2. schedim

    I love twisted worlds, nowdays I get a sense of loathing if a fantasy world has a celestial mechanics that make sense IRL. I want flat,, hollow or torsoidal worlds, I want turtles and shields and world trees.
    I have tinkered with a real clockwork world where all worlds are working like a orrery hanging above a industrial hell where all the automatas are toiling to get the world working.

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